Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Recent Finds - Paris No. 2

While walking along one afternoon, we happened upon a little office supply shop. Of course I had to pop in "just for a minute." What I found were mini envelopes. I had never seen mini envelopes in the states with a pointed flap. I had to get a few, in a few colors. Tony was worried about my suitcase being really heavy but I thought, how much weight could a few packs of mini envelope add? I know what he really meant to say was "what are you going to use those for" but he knows better ;)

It turns out that these mini envelopes are the PERFECT size to hold instax photos. And it just so happened that I had some instax photos of Paris.

So, I stuck them in there and decorated the front with some blue, white, and red stickers. I think these are too small to send through the post so I stuck them in another card. A cute surprise, i think.

While I had them out (each is a set of 20) I decided to decorate some. I know that eventually I will need a mini envelope with my pen pals name on the front.

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