Monday, August 19, 2013

Recent Finds - Santa Cruz

I went to college in Santa Cruz, California. I fell in love with the town for so many reasons. The laid-back atmosphere, the beautiful campus, the people I met there, and the friendly, independent shops. One of my favorites, introduced to me by my friend Jessica, was Darco. It's a small office supply shop that's just the best. I long to find another shop like it in Southern California, but nothing comes close. After Renegade San Francisco I got to spend a few days in Santa Cruz. Visiting Darco was definitely on my list. I had every intention to take some photos of the shop but as soon as I saw these colored notepads, I had to grab up one in every color!

To add to the insanity these were only .75 cents each. What?! I stocked up. I try to give this place as much business as I can. I want them to be around forever.

I also found these great to do lists. Also, under $1 each.

I've been using these to write notes + lists- I am going to decorate them with stamps to send some letters too.

A part of my haul :) I love you, Darco!


  1. Wow - it sounds like an amazing place!

  2. I wonder if they would let me order by phone....

    1. I hope so! Though it's a pretty old school place...I'll cross my fingers for you.



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