Sunday, August 18, 2013

Shop Update - Mini Envelope Punch

These mini envelope punches are the cutest! I just love using them for little notes and craft projects.

We have three different punches, which each make a different shaped envelope. They each measure about an inch wide.

I've been having fun making mini envelopes out of patterned paper.

You could use the mini envelopes to make announcements. Use your imagination! I just suggested the above idea to a client- but it was rejected. C'est la vie. I used an envelope punch to announce our engagement. Find the punches in the shop here.


  1. Very cute! I think your announcement idea is cute.

  2. I love this punch! I got mine (very similar to the ones in your shop) years ago at Michaels, but I don't see them in stores anymore. I love seeing different ideas for how to use them! I think the announcement idea is super cute.

    1. Yes, I had one years ago and then when i went to college it disappeared. I looked all over to find a replacement but only found a distributor. So, I guess it was meant to be sold in my shop :)



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