Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shop Update- Paper Pastries Original Prints

Many of you know, I recently moved from Los Angeles to Oceanside, California. I didn't know anyone here, and with my husband working long hours, I went a little stir crazy. I never saw anyone but him and didn't meet anyone- working for myself and all. This led me to find a creative outlet, one that wasn't "work." What I found was the local community college and a printmaking class. My class has now ended and now I can share the fruits of my labor. These original one-of-a-kind prints are now available in our online shop. There's a mix of linoleum blocks, plexi glass, and zinc plates. Clearly, this one is my favorite but love went into each of my designs. Hope you like them! Send More Mail. This was a linoleum block cut. It took me 10+ hours to carve it. Slow and steady.

Dinosaur Print. These dinosaurs in Cabazon were a regular stop for me on road trips to Palm Springs. On the day the class was introduced to zinc plates, I was in Paris. I showed up late to the game, so I picked one of my photos to work from. 

I had never worked with a zinc plate before. They are very shiny, with sharp edges that must be beveled and filed. With a metal needle (a thick one) you scratch your image into the plate then acid eats away at the lines, making them deeper. A very cool process, and one that I hope to explore more.

Spanish Courtyard. This was made as a moving present for my friends Daniel and Jessica.

My trusty typewriter is now a print, it had to be.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's really fun to be making art again.

  2. Looks like you had fun in that class! Love the Send More Mail print (but can't imagine working on anything for 10+ hours)!

    1. I did! It was funny because there was a big mix of people, 18/19 year olds, me, and some retired folks. Definitely interesting :)
      The 10+ hours was my fault, if I had thought of the design more, I could have been smarter about it. Learning process though.

  3. Wow, the patience it took to carve the linoleum block--amazing! I've tried my hand at stamp carving a couple times, but I assumed it wasn't meant for me because it took forever! It's nice to get a realistic idea of how long things take. I probably need to be more patient. :) A printmaking class sounds super fun.

    1. I took my time because I've seen what kind of damage those carving tools can do. Plus, I wanted to be as precise as I could be. It was very fun, I recommend taking an art class.



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