Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shop Update - Vintage Office Paper Packs

After searching far and wide, I've come up with some vintage office paper packs for the shop. I really enjoyed putting these together, everything included is at least 25 years old! It kind of amazes me that there is still stock of this stuff out there. I am trying to find more! There's so many great vintage paper out there that I became overwhelmed trying to find some that was different. I decided to focus on office supply paper. If there's a good response to these, I may make other limited editions sets.

Here are a few envelopes I made from some of the left over paper. I looooove old ledgers. They have the best colors and I love all the lines.

A sampling of some of the pages.

I think what I was most excited about were these vintage pencils and colored pencils. Yes, that pink says "best pink" on it- what a name!

I wanted to mix it up and offer variety. We have large and medium packs, plus a pencil/label set, and finally an assortment of labels- everything included in the packs are 100% vintage. 

You can find all varieties of the pack here in the paper pastries shop.



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