Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gifted No. 27

It was my sister's birthday a few weeks ago. It was the same day as the west elm/etsy pop up shop in San Diego. Since Katie's party didn't start until that night so we figured we could do both. It worked out fine, except Tony and I got to the party a few hours after it started and we missed some friends. I was really looking forward to seeing everyone, because we so rarely see them these days. I was surprised when, after I hugged Katie hello, she said "Sasha and Courtney just left but they left you a present." It was funny, since it was Katie's birthday. Sasha had brought it because she knew I was going to be there and I had not seen her in a while. It was funny because when I was little (I am five years younger than my sister) my mom would get me a small present on my sister's birthday just so "the baby could open a present, and not get sad." So, we laughed about that- and then I opened my present :)
Sasha knows what I like! I got the sweetest birthday card, a really cute blueberry kitchen towel, patterned tape and this very cool "M" Rifle Paper Co. stationery set- amazing! Thank you, Sasha!

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