Friday, September 13, 2013

Sent with Love No. 35

I got some colorful cards recently. 
 Have you guys seen these new postage stamps? They are fantastic. I regret not getting two sheets.
But, I did want to get one of these too. I really like the painting style of it.  
I wrote a rainbow letter to Donovan.
Rounded up some wedding planning inspiration for Allie. 
And found some recipes I thought Sara would enjoy. 
Hoping to have time to write a lot more letters this weekend. I am long overdue!


  1. I love those America at Work stamps too! All of the mail is just beautiful. I love the colorful envelopes and the stamp variety and your HANDWRITING.

    Hope you get plenty written this weekend. Enjoy!

  2. oooh so much pretty! I love that 'thank you' card in the first picture! And as always, I am amazed at how incredibly beautiful your writing is!



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