Monday, September 16, 2013

Washington tips?

Tony and I are going to Washington DC at the end of the month. We have both been separately, but never together. I am very excited! Our good friends live there, so we will have built in tour guides. But, I am always interested in hearing about people's favorite places- especially stationery shops and the like. All I have on my list right now is to see an art exhibit there, and visit the postal museum. Any tips/shops/neighborhoods recommendations are appreciated :) You guys know what I like!
Paper Pastries will also be vending at Crafty Bastards this year, and we're trying a new traveling set up, come see us.
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  1. I went to grad school in DC and lived there for a few years after. I was lucky enough to live in Mt Pleasant the last summer I was there and really like that area. Also, the area around 14th and U is nice. Two things that I especially enjoy: Martha's Outfitters and Ben's Chili Bowl. You can thank me later :-) Have fun!

  2. I live in the area and also recommend going around the 14th and U section; specifically there is a local paper shop called "Pulp". Small shop that carries all different types of stationary and cards, toys for kids and adults, and the upstairs section has a wide selection of notebooks, notepads and gift wrap.

    If it's not too cold and you're looking for a scenic hike, Roosevelt Island is a small island in-between Arlington and DC on the Potomac.

    If you can make it to the H St. NW section of town, it's a "hip", up an coming area. Different galleries, fun restaurants, great venues for music (if you have the time to see a band or two). If you like pie, Dangerously Delicious Pies is a great place to get a savory or sweet slice of pie!

    Happy to know that Crafty Bastards will be at Union Market this year; it's a really pretty market with friendly vendors and a few great spots to get a delicious meal or cup of coffee.

  3. I used to live there, as you recall.... Let's chat soon and discuss some fun ideas!

  4. What flea market did you go to? We will be going to DC at the end of this week!



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