Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gifted No. 29

I'm already having anxiety about having to move again. Moving is the worst! I decided to do a cleanse/purge and I started with my craft room. I've been keeping my issues of Martha Stewart Living for...ever. I had about 10 magazine files filled with old issues. I decided enough was enough. I went through and ripped out craft projects I wanted to try. Along the way I found some delicious looking recipes for cakes, breads, and cookies. I thought Sara might like them, so I mailed them to her.
She baked me some cat cookies as a thank you. A thank you was totally not necessary (I was happy to) but it was very much appreciated and they were delicious! Thanks, Sara! If you need a cake for a special occasion, Sara is the one to get in touch with.


  1. Oooh I understand about moving! :-( I have four kids and they think its an adventure...its kinda of contagious! It makes it a little more fun with them...(but I'm still anxious! :-D

  2. Thank you again for the Martha Stewart pages! Glad you enjoyed the cookies :)

  3. That was so nice of her! And yeah, moving is a hustle! 3 years ago I left Argentina to come to California. I packed my most precious objects first so I wouldn't forget them and of course, I did forget them, haha. I hope I remember to bring them when I go back to visit.

    All the bets vibes your way!

  4. But you just moved! Hope it all goes well. Cookies (especially in the shape of cute kitties!) can help make the change easier (I hope!)

  5. Moving anywhere exciting? Maybe further south a bit?? :)

  6. We're not moving for a year or so. I was just saying, even though it's a year off, I am already anxious about it because I hate moving!
    And no, I'm hoping we're moving closer to LA, if not back to LA. It all depends on what project Tony gets next. It's nothing against oceanside, north county, san diego- all of my friends and family live in LA and I miss it everyday.



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