Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Recent Finds - Etsy Custom Cat Brooches

I got Otto and Milchy in February- they were my 4 month old Valentines. Which means their birthdays are in October. To commemorate their first birthday, I got custom brooches from CatsX. I saw the other needle felted creations in Gina's shop and really liked her style. So I asked if she could make me custom brooches of my babies. She said yes! I'm obsessed with them. 
I presented the miniature versions of themselves to Otto and Milchy. Otto was whatever about it, and Milchy was like WTF is this? She carried it off in her mouth. 
 After a while, she was ok with her miniature. I don't think she likes how beautiful it is. She's the only one whose allowed to be beautiful. 
 Soon, Otto was snuggling up to his, like they were old friends. He is a sweetheart.
I'm still waiting for Milchy to come around. She at least tolerates it :) 
I love them! I think they are perfect and so darling. Check out CatsX shop. Gina is a pleasure to work with. There is a note that says "shop will be shut at the end of october." I'm not sure if that means for vacation, or forever! If you want one, get it soon!



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