Thursday, October 31, 2013

Recent Finds - Homako

It's a sure bet that I will love anything that Yoko makes. Her line Homako is so original and she is the sweetest person- what's not to like? It's an added bonus that we get to see each other at craft fairs. Katie got me another fabric jewel necklace and I picked up a few items for myself.
I had a hard time deciding between this and her other patchwork necklace. 
How cool is this? 
I think I need a special necklace section just for my Homako collection, it just keeps growing and growing :)


  1. Hi. Your blog makes me happy because the picures are cute.

  2. I want one of everything! Swooning! ^_^ x

    1. We are lucky to have her here in California- she is originally from Japan :)



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