Monday, October 21, 2013

Small Business Talk No. 2

Way back when, I used to hand write all of the addresses on my outgoing packages for the shop. Then, it just got so time consuming to figure out the postage, take it down to the post office, then wait in line. Tony convinced me a postage label printer was the way to go. Even though that meant investing in a PC (the program only works on a pc) and a label printer, it was worth it. He was right- it saved me hours. One day I looked at my packages in my shipping bag and they just looked like a box from Amazon. Good and bad. Good because it seems official, but bad because they looked kind of corporate- not really the message I want my small business putting out. Tony suggested I look into getting custom printed packaging tape. Doesn't he have the best ideas?
We talked and talked about what it should say, how it should look, what color should it be. I decided it should have the same design as my pens.  I think putting ".com" on the pens or the tape was kind of pointless. If people are interested they can just google paper pastries- or do what I do- just type in and that always finds the website. I really like the tape. Since I reuse boxes to ship my packages whenever possible, I think it does make the box look a bit nicer. Plus, it lets the receiver know what's inside, without having to read the shipping label. 
I think I got enough to last me through the holiday season ;) I figured as long as I was ordering it, I should order a lot. Buy in bulk!
I got my tape from Phoenix Tape Supply. They were wonderful to work with and I recommend them. The whole process took about a month though- if you're in a hurry for some you might want to ask if it's possible to expedite the process.


  1. That tape is a great idea! It looks great on the boxes.

    1. I'm so happy with the way it turned out- and lucky thing too, I ordered about 50 rolls!

  2. They look official,but they look really good.



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