Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sent with Love No. 39

My mailbox has seen some pretty wonderful things this month! 
Donovan sent me her "wedding in a box." She covered this box with different pages from books and filled it with pieces from her wedding. She got married at a law library and that set the theme for the event. Aren't these invitations perfect? The colors, the different paper texture, the mix of letterpress and rubber stamps- I love them!
 I even got a favor of French sea salt and Tellicherry black pepper :)
I loved imagining what it all looked like. She sent a letter full of details- from the friday night festivities, to the big day, and being without a phone the day after.
 I even got some of her paper flowers made from old book pages. So cool!
 Two colorful postcards- one from Kate, one from Clare. 
Victoria sent me a very sweet note. She couldn't believe that it has been a year since my bridal shower! I couldn't believe it either.
 Allie sent me some love all the way from DC. Card by Power + Light Press.
Included with the note were a bunch of fun French labels. Thanks, friends and pen pals!

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  1. Loved the details from Donovan's invitations. Thanks for sharing!



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