Friday, December 6, 2013

Shop Update - New packaging

A few weeks ago, I shared my sketches for the updated pencil packaging. Finally, they are here! 
Due to the request of my retailers, I've gotten rid of the cloth bags. Customers always had to open up the bags to see what was inside and it became a hassle for everyone. Now Paper Pastries pencils are packaged in clear bags, with a new sticker label on the front. They can be found in the shop here.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Feature in Sunset Magazine

December 4th?!? How did that happen? It's that crazy time of year over here at Paper Pastries world headquarters ;) It was made even crazier by our feature in this month's Sunset Magazine. It was very exciting to receive phone calls, texts, and emails from friends and family that had seen us in the issue.
Months ago, Sunset had emailed me, asking if I could make them a stamp but they needed it asap. They said it was for possible inclusion in their holiday gift guide. They said they couldn't guarantee it would be included, but then they called to confirm details so I had a pretty good feeling about it. But, it is still surreal to see it in person. Right there on page 12, there is something I made.
The orders have not stopped coming in! I think they are all from this feature. So, back to work I go, just wanted to check in. I still am updating on instagram from time to time. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
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