Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Just Write No. 1

A few years ago at a craft fair, I introduced myself to another stationery maker. I said I really liked her line. I mentioned that I was always down to trade, if she wanted to check out my stuff. She replied with "I make stationery, why would I buy any?" That dumbfounded me. I always thought if you make stationery you had to be obsessed with stationery. And if you were obsessed, how could you be so into your line that you don't even want to look at any one else's designs? 
I make my own stationery and stamps but I'm also a big fan of a lot of lines out there. I don't see other stationery designers as competitors- I think the more good stationery to go around the better! I also very rarely send out stationery that I designed- I guess I'm just not that into myself ;) 
I am often inspired and motivated to come up with new designs when I come across stationery I really love.
This "just write" is a new series where I share my favorite stationery finds. First up is Small Adventure. I first met Keiko at the Renegade Craft Fair. She is so nice and so easy to talk to. Since then, I've gotten to know her more and like everything about her. I recently picked up her Eco Systems Many Occasions card set.
I love how these cards are large (A7 size) and very high quality stock. Another bonus- 100% recycled!
What's not to love? I'm sure I'll be needing another set of these soon.


  1. these are great! I LOVE the cacti one!

  2. These are awesome-and great post too! I'm a stationery maker too, and LOVE obsessing over other stationery. There is so much awesome and unique stuff out there, why would I only stick to mine?! For instance, I love your stuff :)



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