Friday, January 17, 2014

Shop Update - New Prints, Stamps and more

I took another printmaking course at the local community college. I was very productive last semester :)
A little background about what inspired these prints-
1) I listen to music all day, while I work alone in my studio. But, I'm not really alone because Otto and Milchy are with me. I often change the words to songs for them, you know, because I'm insane. 
"Just call me Miiiilchy, of the morning, baby" and so on. One day, spotify decided to play "All you need is love" but I changed it to "all you need is cats." I also made a dog one, but the cat one is better.
2) At the same time as printmaking, I was also taking intro to French, and that's when I heard about the Ex Postal Facto show. I wanted to combine French, art history, and printmaking so that's how this Magritte-like envelope came to be.
3) I love my polaroid land camera, this one was a no brainer.
4) I had just gone to Renegade Craft Fair and seen a bunch of coffee prints. I like coffee and all, but where was the tea love? I asked Kate how tea is offered in the U.K.
5) After tearing all the paper for the above prints, I was left with this end scrap, that was still a good size. I started doodling on it and decided it should be a print too. This one is probably my favorite!
These can be found in the print section of the shop.
I made this Thank you Kit for one of my brides and I loved how it turned out. This kit is available in any style of calligraphy we offer.
At the last gift show, I discovered a lot of new lines and finally got around to photographing them for the shop. 
Floral notebooks + cat photo clips (and the cat clips are back in stock too)
Cotton tape, mini air mail envelopes, floral stationery 
Instax mini album, cute paper bags, vintage ad postcards
To celebrate the new products the new year and the three day weekend, you can enter "2014" at checkout for 15% off any order. Offer expires 1/20 at midnight. Happy shopping!

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  1. Love the prints--especially the tea one and the one with all of the envelopes!



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