Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vintage Paper Fair Jan 2014

It's always fun when the Vintage Paper Fair comes to town. I think this is my third or fourth year going. I recently organized all of my stationery- it took the better part of 3 days. Katie and I went to the fair this year, and met up with some pen pal club ladies. I told myself I was just going to see my friends- I wouldn't add to the ridiculous stash that is my stationery supply. I loved looking through the postcards, old snapshots, maps and catalogs. I was pretty proud of myself for not buying anything then Victoria found this table of mint condition postage stamps. 
These aren't what I'd call vintage, but you can't just buy them at the post office anymore. I loved this series, and I had never seen these two panels. 
 I didn't remember ever seeing either of these. I know the low denomination postage is all the rage but I just had to get these.
 Isn't this something? I got this for my Virgie, who loves the Ocean more than anybody I know.
Katie, Mandy, Clare, Victoria and I were all looking through stacks of postage when Victoria came across this gem. Since I'm a leo,  I couldn't resist it. I had such a great time seeing those ladies and I can't wait for the next fair!
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  1. Every time I see someone posting their fabulous finds from the VPF, I turn green. I so wish there was a place I could go to find "vintage" stamps and postcards, etc. Great finds you got here!!

  2. It's impossible to go there and not buy anything to add to your stash! You found some great stamps.



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