Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sent with Love No. 40 - Valentine's Day Mailing

This is a two part post, see yesterday's post for information about their photoshoot.
There I was, with totally adorable wallet size prints, but I didn't know what I was going to do with them. I have a ton of love/valentine's cards but they just didn't seem special enough for this. Tony said I just needed to make a specific card for them, I wanted their photos to be the focus...this is what we came up with. 
 Tony figured out exactly where the slits needed to go to slip the pictures in, and I figured out exactly where the hearts should be. 
I embossed "happy valentine's day" on the front in gold ink and included a message on the inside.
This is what the back of the card looked like, when all the photos were in. 
 It turns out that I was mailing a lot more than I thought so I had to dive into my whole paper stock- blues, greens, pastels, everything was up for grabs. 
 When all the cards were written I tucked them into glassine envelopes and sealed with my new favorite floral tape.
 I found these heart stickers at typo but I didn't think they felt right on these. Maybe I can incorporate them next year.
Then came time to address all the packages. I don't believe it's a valentine without chocolate, so I included some with the card and stuck it all in a padded envelope. I took it down to the post office so I could figure out exactly how much postage it needed. 
 I used a mix of modern and vintage postage.
When I dropped off my packages at the post office, my usual helper called a few people from the back to look at them. They look at mail all day, and they took a minute or two to look at mine :) Another successful mailing! 


  1. It's ridiculous how creative you are! Not only are the cards cute, but the packages you mailed them in are pure eye candy too!

  2. These are insanely cute!! Your pen pals are the luckiest folks :)

    1. Thank you! My babies are pretty cute. I bet frida would look really great on a card too

  3. How does this post only have 2 comments?! I am swooning big time over the cards and gorgeous lettering on your packages. <3 Such lovely stuff!



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