Monday, March 31, 2014

MM - A tribute to a friend

On Tuesday, March 25, 2014 we lost our friend Martha Mata.
Martha was so athletic and  loved the outdoors.  As her cancer progressed, her treatment was very draining. However, she didn't allow it to stop her from doing the things she loved.
First Descents is one of the few programs for young people with cancer. There, she met a strong group of friends. They nicknamed her Cupcake. These outings were something she really looked forward to. Though she had the love and support of friends and family, it was very meaningful to spend time with people who were going through exactly what she was. As much as we felt for her, we could never understand or relate to the her experience.
Looking through her photos was so inspiring. When talking about weekend plans, usually our answers dulled in comparison. "I think maybe I'll go to a movie"— nope, Martha had kayaking, rock climbing, snow boarding, or surfing.
When I am sad, it's very easy for me to hole up and lose a whole day. I know she wouldn't like that. So I wanted to think of something worthwhile to do, something that would make her happy. Because I am not good at surfing, rock climbing or snow boarding, I tried to think of my own way to honor her.
A line of products in is the works, made up of things that she would love. Every product in the line will have the symbol “MM" on it.  MM for Martha Mata and MM for Martha Matters. Because her life matters to us, and we will never forget her.
100% of the proceeds from this line of products will be donated to First Descents, in memory of our friend.
If you'd like to donate directly, visit First Descents here.

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  1. Such a beautiful idea and a great way to celebrate her life forever xxxx



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