Thursday, May 15, 2014

Making Mail Showing

In June, there is going to be a preview of the Making Mail documentary in Cleveland, Ohio. There's also going to be an art show along side of it! This is all happening at Zygote Press- a print shop & a gallery.
On one side of the gallery, the documentary will be projected and visitors will have the opportunity to make mail art. On the other side of the gallery there is going to be a showcase-- actual mail art that Mike and the crew have collected throughout this entire process. 
It was their idea to have every artist in the film submit a piece of mail art to showcase in the gallery and be available to purchase. 
The big white envelope arrived and I just had it out on my desk for days. I didn't know what I was going to do with it! Finally, I did. This is my submission for the showcase. It's titled The USPS Art Gallery.
I got together some of my favorite vintage postage and began covering the envelope with it.
I liked the way it looked but it was just missing a certain something. So I got out my favorite paint pens and started adding "frames."
I included a certificate of authenticity for fun.
Speaking of mail related things- have you seen this kickstarter? I didn't even finish watching the video before I backed it- but then I watched the video three times, it's so great. 
I first met Lea in San Francisco back in 2009. I couldn't stop exclaiming at her, it was embarrassing. It was just one of the best things I'd ever seen.
I enjoyed the first kit Leafcutter designs put together, but this one is going to be a million times better- tiny rubber stamps and made in California! Just a few of my favorite things ;)

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  1. Your submission looks great! It really does look like a mini gallery. Very cute and creative.



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