Monday, June 16, 2014

Major Shop Update - Rubber Stamps, Cards, + General Cuteness

We've been busy! I am having a hard time remember what I've shared on the blog or on instagram and I feel like I've been neglecting the blog.  I've added more product photos of the Greetings From State Stamp.   Thank you to everyone whose purchased already! They are being received extremely well :)
I have a max of 300 products in my shop and I've reached that limit! I can't believe it. I remember when this little shop had 14 cards, 6 stationery sets and offered one  return address stamps. How times have changed. To free up some space, I am consolidating inventory. Now you can find the Paper Pastries Mail stamps in one place.
 Same goes for the please deliver to options.
 And our signature rubber stamps.
The camera stamps are back in stock, and they are also available wholesale to shops.
I think the best change is now you can find all the alphabet stamps in one place, plus see examples of each in use. It was time consuming but I think totally worth it. Find our favorite alphabet stamps here. 
 Same goes for our number and symbol stamps.
Moleskine has added more colors for their postal notebooks and I can't pick a favorite! I use a different one for every mood I'm in and they are so fun to decorate. 
These small rubber stamp tins from Cavallini make great affordable gifts! We just added some more new styles. 
Rolling date stamps- been using these to date invoices and letters. Practical and cute!
No surprise we're nuts for cats over here. I just couldn't resist this giant postcard pack and cat stamp set. 
The first time we ordered these fuji instax photo albums we had no idea they would sell out so fast! We've got more in fun colors.
We are also obsessed with this envelope floral pouch. I've been jamming mine full of letters and supplies and taking it down to the coffee shop. Even if it does prompt the question, "People still write letters??"  Yeah, the people who know what’s up still do!
We got more of the typewriter photo stands in stock too.  
OMG what? I always buy these at kinokuniya and have been looking for them forever. Super excited to add these mini envelope notes to the shop.
I've updated the international thank you packs. They used to be fonts but for the update, I illustrated the dots and hearts and hand lettered the text. You can find them here.
That was a lot! Thanks for reading. You can take 15% off any order from now until Friday 6/20 with code OMGCUTE

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  1. So much cute stuff! I really need to check out the shop!



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