Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Printic App Printing Service

The problem with taking tons of pictures with your phone is that you never get to see or share them. That's why I was very interesting in trying out the printing service from Printic. They said that all I had to do was download the app, choose 8 photos and enter my code and address. The app is free, ordering was painless, and I did this all from my phone. I was happy with the whole ordering process but was curious to see how the prints would turn out.
The most important aspect of photos to me is the color. I've definitely gotten prints made where the color is so off it looks like a completely different picture. They got the colors perfectly. Even skin tone, which is hard to do. Because the colors are so accurate it's hard for me to find something I don't like about them.
Since instagram photos are cropped in a square, I was expecting them to be square prints. They were polaroid shaped. I like having the option to have it look like a polaroid, or just to trim it down to a square.
I edit all of my iphone photos with the afterlight app. I am still surprised they were able to print these so accurately color matched to the original. I looked at the print and the original. I couldn't tell them apart.
The paper feels like standard glossy photo paper.  I tend to only order matte prints, but these glossy photos aren't bad. Maybe I just haven't gotten glossy in so long, they have changed. They don't leave fingerprints on the surface like they used to. The paper is on the thinner side. When I first felt them, I thought "These are a bit thin." Not flimsy at all, just thin. But then I thought "So what? Why do I want heavier photos?" There's no point to that.
I will definitely use Printic again to order instagram photos.
If you'd like to try Printic, you can enter my referral code 8CE2FE. After your first order is placed, we will both get $7 vouchers.
Thank you Printic for letting my review your service!


  1. Love the polaroid look and the colors are really vivid. Good to know!

  2. This photos give me inspiration for my art. I want positive environment, blue sea, blue sky... natural fantasy...! thank you... I'll come back

  3. I miss polaroids, but these look great! Thanks for this review, I'm going to check it out. (P.S. love your blog!)



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