Thursday, June 12, 2014

Recent Finds - Bookshop Santa Cruz

For being a book store I think Bookshop Santa Cruz has the best stationery selection in town! Their cards are always top notch.
I found these awesome vegan postcards for my friend Stacy. I shipped them off to her before I remembered to write down who made them. If you know, please comment so I can add their link. UPDATE- vegan postcards by two trick pony.
I haven't decided how I should use this wrapping paper but I have decided it's super cute!
I said this year was the year I'll get in front of my taxes. I always need file folders, and pretty ones at that. These won't make me dread much. BSSC is the best! Always look forward to visiting to check out what's new.


  1. I love those vegan cards! Thankfully I was able to do an image search and found that they're by Two Trick Pony:

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  3. Wow! I want those folders. I wonder if they can be found anywhere else? I found that wrapping paper in a store in Toronto... also still figuring out what to do with it :p

  4. You found some really cute stuff. Sometimes those little bookstores have great stationery selections. And great books :)



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