Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sent with Love No. 42 - A much needed pick me up

Yesterday was not a good day. I was feeling down and wasn't able to be productive. When my head isn't in the right place I find it impossible to focus on work. So I had to do menial tasks like laundry and organizing my packaging supplies. Then I heard my mail arrive. 
My regular mailman, John, had been gone for 6 months because he was deployed. He used to come around 11 am, but I had not had a regular schedule since he left. But here it was, 11 o'clock and my mail was arriving. I ran to see and was delighted to find John there. I told him I was so glad he was back safe. Not only was I excited to have him home, but he brought me a bounty. I received so many wonderful things yesterday, I couldn't help but feel fulfilled and loved by my wonderful friends. Plus, some of my online purchases arrived, which is always fun ;)
Donovan shared this outgoing mail on her instagram. I had never seen such a fun piece of mail and I was beside myself that I was the lucky recipient.
She wrote her letter on the outside of the box because inside was a crepe paper surprise ball. I got to unwrap this ball, and while the pile grew bigger and bigger, little prized kept falling out. Inside was "ten things a girl should know," mini playing cards, beaded necklace, temporary tattoo, a red balloon, a noise maker, tic tac toe, and a barrel of monkeys. It was literally a ball of fun!
My college room mate Allie got married Memorial Day Weekend. Our close friend Mollye came for the wedding and we got to spend the whole weekend together, including a lot of one on one time with the bride. Allie sent me this package, filled with my all of favorite things. I got to enjoy the edibles this morning. Masala Chai from my favorite tea place in San Francisco, honey on a stick, and some salt water taffy from Marini's in Santa Cruz.
A few weeks ago, she was feeling overwhelmed and stressed about all the drama that surrounds a wedding and I suggested we go to a Korean spa together. So the four of us- Allie, Mollye, myself and the groom Joe went down to Aqua in San Diego. My girlfriends in LA had done the same for me right before I got married. It was just what they needed! 2 hours of relaxing in a hot tub, sauna, steam room and then a scrub down. We were all so smooth after we couldn't stop touching our arms LOL! Korean spas are the best.
I was just trying to help out as much as I could, I didn't need a thank you from them but was blown away by this package.
When Allie and I met, I wore something sparkly all the time. Even though I've toned it down, big fun jewelry like this still reminds her of me.
I always have glitter on my nails. Not only does it make the polish last way longer but it's so much fun. Included in my package was this set from Deborah Lippmann that I had been wanting.
How cute is this combo? It's going to look great together.
I was also big into wearing false eyelashes every time there was a party or event. She got this set for me and it started up my obsession again!
This past weekend I was in LA, I got to meet up with Victoria at Scoops. I used to see her on a pretty regular basis, but I haven't seen her in months. It was so good to catch up and just talk and talk. This beautiful package arrived yesterday, so she must have sent it before we met up this past Saturday.
Inside was this handsome vintage airmail kit. Victoria has a great eye and knack for vintage postal finds and lucky me that she's also very generous :)
I also got a long letter from Kate, and a postcard from Jeanne, travling in Japan.
My gramr subscription arrived and I think this is the best set yet.
I also got my order from Magenta of Geninne's stamps. I am so excited to decorate some mail with these. I have been such a fan of Geninne for so long, these stamps are long overdue. I have a few more coming, so I will post about them separately when they are all here.
A big thank you to all my friends and pen pals- i love and appreciate you guys so much.
Yesterday also made me think about my life and how I had been feeling. A big change is coming and I'm looking forward to it- and sharing it with you guys once I have more info. Stay tuned...


  1. So glad you had a great mail day. It really can be such a pick-me-up (which is half the fun of sending it too). Looks like you got some really fun stuff.

  2. What a gorgeous package! Great mail days really are the best.

    Erin, beingerin.com

  3. I can not imagine receiving all that let alone all in one day! What a great pick me up! Thanks for sharing. Such good inspiration.

    1. I know, aren't I lucky? I'm excited to send back some packages of my own.



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