Friday, June 27, 2014

The World's Smallest Post Service Kickstarter Reward

Get ready for an absurd amount of exclamation points-
The cuteness is a just a bit overwhelming! My Leafcutter Designs Kickstarter reward arrived today. As soon as I saw the return address I dropped everything else and took the package to my table. Everything is mini and adorable! Please see micron pen for size reference. And yes, those are tiny air mail rubber stamps!!
Here's what it looked like before I took it apart.  
As it says on the back, this kit has everything you need to make 24 mini missives and 6 pocket sized parcels, plus a mini mail box.
 outrageously cute!
 I can't.
 Mini security print envelopes. Whaaaaaat
 I got the deluxe kit so it even came with tiny lined paper.
I love the amount of tiny detail that went into this kit. It is so well thought out and executed.
 Tiny horoscopes!
 My favorite part of the deluxe kit has to be these miniature rubber stamps. 
I had to make this mini mail box right away. 
Delightful!! I'm so pleased with the kit. I will be sure to share when I make tiny packages.
If you'd like a kit yourself, you can find them here.



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