Sunday, August 10, 2014

Paper Pastries NEW World Headquarters

It's funny how things happen. I had been looking for a work space since May, pretty much every weekend.
I was getting frustrated and was giving up hope of being able to find a "perfect" spot. Robert Mahar is a friend I met through Cathy of California. He always comes by during Renegade Craft Fair to say hello and catch up. I mentioned that I had been looking for a new work space and he said that he and his friend Molly just found a great creative office space the Spring Arts Tower.  
I checked out the website and was interested. I wasn't able to go see it, so Katie went. The spot we looked at turned out to have been in the process of being rented already and I was crushed. I went to talk to the leasing manager again and I'm so glad the first place fell through. This place is perfect! I said I wanted it straightway. 

-tons of natural light
-I can walk to work
-friends in the building
-it's got two rooms

-fire escape

-view of Spring Street
-24 hour access + 24 hour security
-freight elevator
-pets are allowed!

I'm so stoked. I can't wait to start working there. But of course I have to pack everything up first!
I'm not closing the online shop at all, orders will just be a bit delayed until I get set up.
I think I should be set up in within a week of moving.
In the meantime, you can enter the code
for 15% off any order placed today until August 27th. Now for photos of my the gorgeous PP world headquarters: 

I'm moving back to LA!

I moved to Oceanside about a year and a half ago. Tony and I came here for his work, and I decided to go back to working out of the house- we found a cute beach cottage and Paper Pastries moved in. I thought that a three bedroom house would be enough room- it isn't! I am busting at the seams here, and having trouble being as productive as I could be. Since Tony's project is drawing to an end in a few months, I decided to move back to LA early- he'll be up on weekends and he'll be back permanently before I know it!
I've been looking for an apt and work space since May. Katie has been so sweet to go around with me. I somehow always happened to set up viewing appointments on the hottest days. Finally we had two dream spots. First up- the apartment.
When I walked into this lobby, I was blown away. This is the original subway terminal in downtown LA. It's a historical building and it's so beautiful. I mean, look at these elevators!
The lobby is grand in itself. 
The hallways are filled with light and marble and great light fixtures. 
 I really can't get enough of these light fixtures. A hallway might seem like a dumb thing to be excited about, but after looking at some of the dungeons that we have seen- it makes a huge difference. I couldn't live or work in a dark place. It would depress me. Plus, the cats wouldn't like it.
The apartment itself is tops too. I have wanted double sinks my whole life.  
Also, two giant walk in closets! Some of the places I was looking at were no bigger than this closet.
It also has a hot tub on the roof, and great views of downtown:
I couldn't be more pleased with this place! Not only am I in love with it, it's the only place I've looked at in the past three months that is halfway acceptable. It's pretty much my dream apartment. I can walk to tons of places downtown- including grand central market which is one of my favorite spots DTLA. Plus, the subway stop is right across the street. The biggest perk of this space is that I can WALK to my work space. Dream come true!! Pictures of the work space up next. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sent with Love No. 43

It's been way too long since I've sent out a big stack of mail. I had a lot of thank you notes to write, plus some birthday gifts to pack. Last week, I took a morning and wrote 7 letters, and 11 cards.
I used cards from egg press, moglea, power and light press, rifle paper co, the social type, paper source, quill and fox, and la familia green.
I stamped the address for all the cards using my muji alphabet stamps and magenta, turquoise, and neptune inks.
I was trying to organize my postage but Otto decided it was the perfect spot for a nap. 
It felt great to send out so much mail. 
Has anyone written a card or letter recently? The postage stamps have been so good lately!
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