Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Recent Finds - Pet Portrait Mugs

You guys know I'm crazy for my cats. I'm also nuts for my sister's cats. Her birthday is in August, so in July I started searching for her presents. On Mollie Green's instagram, she shared a mug with a drawing of her dogs on it. I got in contact with the etsy shop, It'll glow on you. I asked if she could draw three cats on a mug, and send me the drawing so I can make it into a print. She said yes, so I ordered one for my sister, and one for myself. They came out SO good!
 I just love the mugs. Aren't they great?
 I digitally added color to her drawings and printed them onto cardstock. I think they make really great prints for our homes.
I also turned her drawings into rubber stamps. I think she and I should collaborate for the holidays. I love her illustrations!
If you'd like some pet portraits on mugs, you can get in contact with her here.

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  1. Yes, any time I see anything cat-related, I think of you. These turned out really good. Thanks for the info!



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