Sunday, November 2, 2014

LA Cake Club Custom Stamps

If the people reading this are in LA, I hope you've heard of LA Cake Club. It's a cake and dessert club that meets once a month. Sara, the talent behind Matchbox Kitchen, is the founder of LA Cake Club. You get together with a group of like minded individuals and eat cake! It's the best club ever. (You can sign up for the newsletter here.)
At every meeting, you're supposed to bring a take away box for leftovers. When I first started making personal stationery, I used to put the finished product into these pink pastry boxes.  After the first meeting I attended, I was so happy. I wanted to contribute something to cake club. I looked up cake club and found the above image. (photo by Sara of Matchbox Kitchen.) I loved it! Then I had an idea.
I drew the cake and wrote LA cake club, scanned it onto my computer, then turned it into a rubber stamp. One was large and in charge (3 x 3 inches) and the other one is tiny and cute (1 x 1 inches.)
I had too much fun trying out the stamp.
Then I dug around in my studio and found that I still had some pink pastry boxes.
I stamped a few then shipped them off to Sara, along with the stamps.
It was fun seeing them shared on instagram, and though I had to miss the next meeting, I heard the boxes were a hit!
Photo by Sara of Matchbox Kitchen.
photo by elauinc 
 photo by nicole bakes cakes
photo by ducksta
If you'd like me to design a hand written type/logo for your club or business, get in touch.
I'm looking forward to the next meeting of LA Cake Club :)


  1. I love a good pink pastry box! What a cute idea for the cake club and nice job on the stamp!



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