Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Snail Mail Book Review

This book and the author popped up in my suggested instagram tab. It looked interesting so I went online and ordered it. 
As soon as I opened it, I had a strong feeling that I was going to like it ;)
 It's divided up into 6 different chapters, including a lengthy piece of reasons to write. I know a lot of you out there are often stuck on what to write- this could be very helpful for you :)
 Mixed throughout the book are colorful displays of vintage postage and famous letters.
There is detailed advice on what to do and not do when writing. 
Cat post! J'adore :) 
 Fun crafty bits to inspire.
 Diy products with instructions.
 Even templates to make yourself.
 Everything about this book is pleasing to the eye!
The pages are thick. I carefully turned each one while reading because didn't want to accidentally skip a page.
 Finally I got to the section on rubber stamps.
 Michelle even includes some original designs that you can get made into rubber stamps. So nice! I'm definitely going to make some.
 I agree!
 Inspiration is everywhere in this book. During the course of reading it, I wanted to put it down and go make some mail. 
 Michelle does a great job of covering every aspect of snail mail. 
 In addition to templates and stamp designs, there are even some stickers included in the back. 
I highly recommend this book! Great job, Michelle and everyone who contributed!


  1. Wow, I haven't heard anything about this but it looks so cute! Thanks for sharing the info and the review!

  2. The other day my mum came home with this book as a surprise! She got it for free from work I think but she knows how much I love snail mail so it really was the perfect gift. The pages are so pretty and although it's nothing revolutionary, I find that the book is a great starter for someone who wants to get into snail mail or who already is and is looking to be reinvigorated.




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