Sunday, November 27, 2016

My Baby's Holographic Rainbow Foil Birth Announcements

I've been meaning to post about these for a while! I haven't because I wanted to wait until I could really dedicate time to sit down and be able to think about everything I needed to include- I didn't want to forget anything. And these days, I am so forgetful. (mom brain?) Either way- I am so pleased to share Ellis' birth announcements today! 
While I was pregnant, we went to Pittsburgh for a wedding. I really loved Pittsburgh and appreciated the opportunity to explore the city. One day while walking around, we came across this awesome old fish market, Wholey's. There were tons of old hand lettered and hand painted signs. I just fell in love with the lettering styles used throughout the market. That was the inspiration behind the lettering on the announcement. I had the style of lettering I wanted to use but I didn't yet have the photo. Yes newborn (which is 0-6 weeks to me) photos are darling but they never show much of a personality. I didn't have a set idea of what I wanted the photo to look like for her announcement, just that I'd know it when I saw it. On April 4th, when she was about a month and a half, I got the perfect photo!
For the lettering, I used a brush tip marker, scanned the file into photoshop, cleaned it up, and outlined the text with live trace, then did a little more cleanup once the letters were actual shapes I could play around with. I had the lettering, I had the photo- now I needed to find a printer. 
I wanted to work with a local printer and have them do it all- print the photo and the holographic foil over it. After a lot of research and a lot of back and forth, I finally found them. I used Gold Image Printing, right here in Los Angeles. It wasn't exactly a painless process (lots of back and forth and confusion over files/emailing with a lot of different people) but once we finally got on the same page I am so happy with how they turned out. It's a bit difficult to take a photo of the holographic foil, but it looks so awesome in action, check out this video on my instagram.
Now, for some details about the paper.
The Carpenters have been one of my favorite bands for as long as I could remember. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that my local library growing up had an elaborate shrine to them. I fought hard for one of the Carpenter's songs to be our first dance at our wedding but it didn't happen. (If you're interested, this:
was the song for our first dance) Since it didn't happen for our wedding, I knew I had to incorporate a Carpenter's song for our baby's announcements. An obvious choice I know, but also so perfect. If you care to take a listen-
I hand lettered the quote:
"on the day that you were born
the angels got together
and decided to create a
dream come true"
and made it into a rubber stamp for the back of the envelope. Now I really will never get that song out of my head.
A few years ago, I got stickers made out of Otto's head and loved them. I went a little nuts making sticker faces out of Ellis' face but cmon, how could I not? I used They are so easy and really awesome. Plus there are tons of uses for stickers of your baby. (They are having a big sale until November 29th- if you want any get on it!)
I sealed each envelope with a holographic round sticker  and put a sticker face on top of it. 
I got a TON of these awesome planet postage stamps from my local post office but didn't they didn't have enough. I have quite a huge stamp collection so I picked some other favorites.
For the addressing of the envelopes I used the wink of stella brush pens in glitter white. I am obsessed with these! Ever since Rhea (Devoted Diarist) told me about them I have been hooked- I even got them for the shop! After I addressed them and put on the postage stamp I just felt something was missing. This added hours and hours but I had to decorate each one with a ton of rubber stamps. I just wanted the recipient of this announcement to get very excited when they saw this amongst their stack of bills and junk mail. I had to go all in!

For the envelopes I used a7 night envelopes from paper source, and this white ink pad.
I hope you guys enjoyed these, they were such a labor of love to get in the mail! My largest and most fun mailing to date- I sent more announcements then I had sent wedding invitations! If I forgot to include anything (and I most likely did) just let me know in the comments.
Recap of resources:

Baby's First Halloween

Tony carved her a pumpkin and let her play around in the mush, she loved it!
 See a resemblance? ;)
 She dressed as an elephant, we found the costume at Marshall's in Pasadena (the day before halloween)
 She seemed pretty pleased about it!
And then over it LOL

Nasty Woman Shopping Event

I shared this on instagram and the wheels are set in motion!
Know a woman owned small business in LA area? Let them know about this! I like to shop small and support (nasty) women owned businesses all year but especially during the holidays. I'm hosting a nasty woman shopping event at Paper Pastries December 10th and 11th. 
Save the date and tell your friends!
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