Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Baby's First Valentines

It was baby's first Valentine's Day and I was excited to send cards out! We were at Paper Source in Pasadena and they have the cutest card kits. Even though there were whales (which she loves) she chose the Kittens and Puppies kit out of a lineup (now it's on sale!) I budgeted about an hour to put these together, and I thought I could do it while she napped. It was one of those days where a nap lasted 20 minutes, so we made them together. That is, until she started reaching for the googly eyes. I think all in, it took a total of 2 hours. You have to punch all the shapes out even though they are pre cut. I wish they were punched out already. 
We laid all the shapes out on the table, it took up quite a bit of space. We mixed the paw and ear colors.
 Then we added the eyes and the snouts.
 Otto wanted to know why there were so many dogs ;)
 Then we glued on the ears and the hearts.
 They were pretty cute without the big heart. I wanted to write a message on each one but to save time, you could have given the Valentines simplified.
 They turned out pretty cute!
 The kit doesn't come with envelopes but of course I have plenty. After I wrote out the valentines, it was time to address the envelopes.
 That went pretty quick! I adore these new love stamps from usps, have you guys seen them? Available for purchase at the USPS website here. Because of the googly eyes, I did need to add an extra "non machinable" stamp charge to the envelopes before mailing.
I used bistro chalk markers for addressing the envelopes. Love these! Look for these markers in my shop soon. 

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  1. How clever! Best of all, how sweet!

    I wish I'd bought at least one chalk marker the first time I saw them. You've given me the nudge I need to buy a set.




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