Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Visit to Baum Kuchen Los Angeles

I finally went down the rabbit hole! I wanted a Traveler's Notebook for some time but just didn't know where to start and kept putting it off.  Lucky me, my friend Eunice is a Traveler's Notebook expert (check her out @thedailyroe) She helps out at Baum Kuchen, which is the spot to go for any and everything TN related in LA.
Some people don't get it- I love stationery- I have a stationery shop- and yet I'm going to another stationery store? Yes, I am a stationery fanatic and addict! Plus, I am always happy to support other local small shops- and Baum Kuchen is so close to us! Only about a five minute drive away from Paper Pastries. We are more snail mail based and they are more planner based but we both share a love for analogue! We both offer fun pens, washi tape, stamps- so if you like us I think you'll like them too! 
As soon as you walk into BK you just want to look at everything. I hope I did a good job of relaying how great the shop is to you in photos.
 Air Mail + Postal finds!
 So many options and inserts for your Traveler's Notebook.
I think the concept of the TN is to take it with you everywhere you go. I'm still learning! This is a station to decorate your TN. 
 Stamps, washi tape, pens- a paradise!
 Some inspirational mail.
 Examples of their letter paper in use.
 Mini alphabet stamps.
 Gift wrapping ideas.
 Superior Labor Pouches next to pretty packages.
Fun washi patterns.
 Brass clips and rulers and stamps.
 A big box of fun! I love this metal tool box.
I got a Traveler's Notebook Camel in the Passport Style.  The smaller size just spoke to me. You know, when something just feels right, you go for it! I will share my purchases in another post.
Our friend Ann came along and was sweet enough to keep Ellis entertained while I shopped and looked around. Thank you, Ann! And a big thank you to Baum Kuchen for having such a fun shop and to Eunice for being so sweet to walk me through everything Traveler's Notebook! 
I'm sure it won't be too long until we are there again. It's just such a great shop with so much to discover.
This Superior Labor Shoulder Bag is on my wish list- but I can't decide on a color. If they offered a dark pink- well then that would be that.
Check out their open hours here to plan your visit.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Our Shop Open Hours

Usually we are open at the shop on weekends and by appointment during the week. We now have a calendar page so you can see our open and closed hours for the month. You can find it here.

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