Thursday, June 22, 2017

Custom Face Stickers from My Sticker Face

It's safe to say we are obsessed with My Sticker Face! This babe makes so many great faces, they obviously need to be commemorated in sticker form. Our favorite items to order are 

  • .75 duo sticker sheet

  • 1.75 sticker sheet

  • sampler sheet 

  •  It's my plan to fill up my entire lap top with stickers of her face. There is one Otto on there, can you find him? Poor Milchy!

    Everyone loves them. This is her Aunt's phone. 
     Looks extra cool with glitter!
     And the front of Katie's phone. 

    This is my phone. Before Ellis ripped all the stickers off. She has a knack for peeling off stickers.
    Here are close ups of my last order:

    These would be great for invitations, labeling your stuff at work, or just handing out to your friends! Love them.

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