Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Ellis' Yayoi Kusama 2nd Birthday Party

If you follow along on instagram, you may have seen (who knows with that algorithm 😱) when we visited The Broad, to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibit. E is a bit sticker crazy and loved every part of it, but especially the sticker room. We spent about 45 minutes in the obliteration room alone. This past weekend we threw her a Yayoi Kusama themed birthday party. 
The first part was getting the stickers. We thought 12,000 would do the trick.
Tony and my father in law built what was to be the obliteration room and next to it, a toddler sized infinity room. 
We used this old car port that's in our backyard. To the right of the infinity room are giant hanging balloons that the kids could run through and hit.
The artist at work. Tony blew up all the balloons, tied a string to them then added the giant black sticker dots. 
Aunt Michelle and Ellis were the first ones in the obliteration room.  
Her friend Sam enjoyed deciding on what stickers to use.
 Uncle David doing his part.
 Grandpa and Uncle David in the obliteration room. 
 Grandpa blowing up balloons by the bubble machine.
 The kids loved it! Here's Ellis and her friend Noemi decorating the lamp.
 Miri and Josie kicking balloons and stickering the walls.
 Ellis and Noemi in the infinity room.
 Josie in the giant balloons.
 Who left that beer there 😹?
 Deciding on stickers.
 Eli and Mae in the infinity room. Above it was a color changing lightbulb.
 Only the bravest of adults got into the tiny infinity room. 
 Happy birthday to you!
In the infinity room with Noemi.
In the giant balloons.
The light changing bulb in action in the infinity room.
 Taking a sticker and snack break on the swings.
 Playing with almost 1 year old Liv.
 Funfetti sprinkled cupcakes made by Aunt Katie.
 Max in the obliteration room.
 Having fun at her party.
 Max and Miri admiring the blurry reflections in the infinity room.
With Aunt Katie at the after party. 
The birthday girl and her uncle David. It was so much fun! Thanks to all the friends and family who came to help us celebrate.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Rainbow Room

This is her play room. I started calling it the rainbow room because there are crystals hanging in the windows and when the light hits just right, they cast rainbows all over the room. While we were having work done on our house, the rainbow room was out of out of commission. Now all the work is done and she once again has access to it. We are rarely home when the magic hour hits, so we keep missing the rainbow. Maybe I'll add photos of it later if I'm able to catch it in action. 
On the right wall are wooden storage with plastic bins that she can easily pull out and dump all over the floor. These are just the right size and also double as a table top for her to play on. I switch out the toys on top every few weeks to keep her interest. The table and chairs is from Ikea kids. Burbank has North America's largest Ikea, it's fun to go and wander the aisles, especially on hot days. The bear rug is from The land of nod, we got it before she was born. 
On the far wall is her "Reading Rainbow." Anyone else obsessed with that show as a kid? The book shelves are picture ledges from Ikea  that we spray painted. 
I love this book display, it reminds me of my grade school classrooms. It's double sided and on wheels. She can't move it herself but I switch the books out from time to time. I can't find the specific link to this model but this one is similar.
The wall is covered in cork and I'm hoping we can hang her artwork there. In the meantime, it's got prints and posters she likes. The color spectrum on the wall is a piece of wrapping paper.
Plus a corner where her current mail is on display. After a month or so I change it and it goes into a box marked letters. Cat has claws from Hatch Show Print. Mini starry night painting on wood panel by Genevieve Santos. Felt rainbow banner from the bees knees on etsy. The girls print is from Tuesday Bassen. It's sold out but there's also a card of the same design. The illustration of her as a baby is from Lucy Knisley. 
As always, happy to answer any questions! Just leave them in the comments.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

VALENTINE'S Political Postcard Writing Party

If you've been meaning to send a letter to a senator or other rep, come join us the night of February 14th. All info and rsvp via this link. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Recap of Valentine's Workshop

If you've been to Paper Pastries, you know that the front portion is the retail space and these barn doors slide open to reveal the studio in the back. This is where the real magic happens! A lot of coffee drinking, product development and manufacturing, packing of orders, among other things. We opened it up this past Sunday for our Valentine's workshop.
 There were a few different stations- a paper and punch station.
A rubber stamp station. Supplies were laid out, along with practice scrap paper and some samples.
 Here's a close up of our paper punches.
 Gel pens are a must.
 I loved the color combos people came up with for their cards.
 Thank you to Tony for making these delicious cupcakes-
 and the champagne punch! It really got the creative juices flowing ;)
 Valentine Gummy snax also helped. 
 Card making in action.
 Some of the stamps after use. I've used baby wipes to clean the stamps for as long as I can remember. I have always bought baby wipes in bulk - even before I had a baby ;)
 The back of envelopes were not neglected and came out so cute.
 Washi tape is always a favorite when we have craft parties. 
 Crafting game on point!
 A great sticker and stamp combo.
 The champagne punch was a hit!
 All kinds of Valentines were made.
 Guess what this one said inside?
I had so much fun and I think the attendees did too. If you'd like in on our next workshop, we will announce it on social media- just follow along on instagram or facebook.
Awesome photos by Jacob Reed. Thanks, Jacob! I'm definitely going to see him perform at UCB soon.
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