Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Recap of Valentine's Workshop

If you've been to Paper Pastries, you know that the front portion is the retail space and these barn doors slide open to reveal the studio in the back. This is where the real magic happens! A lot of coffee drinking, product development and manufacturing, packing of orders, among other things. We opened it up this past Sunday for our Valentine's workshop.
 There were a few different stations- a paper and punch station.
A rubber stamp station. Supplies were laid out, along with practice scrap paper and some samples.
 Here's a close up of our paper punches.
 Gel pens are a must.
 I loved the color combos people came up with for their cards.
 Thank you to Tony for making these delicious cupcakes-
 and the champagne punch! It really got the creative juices flowing ;)
 Valentine Gummy snax also helped. 
 Card making in action.
 Some of the stamps after use. I've used baby wipes to clean the stamps for as long as I can remember. I have always bought baby wipes in bulk - even before I had a baby ;)
 The back of envelopes were not neglected and came out so cute.
 Washi tape is always a favorite when we have craft parties. 
 Crafting game on point!
 A great sticker and stamp combo.
 The champagne punch was a hit!
 All kinds of Valentines were made.
 Guess what this one said inside?
I had so much fun and I think the attendees did too. If you'd like in on our next workshop, we will announce it on social media- just follow along on instagram or facebook.
Awesome photos by Jacob Reed. Thanks, Jacob! I'm definitely going to see him perform at UCB soon.

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