Monday, February 4, 2019

Paperless Post Review

I am currently in the chaos of planning the babe's third birthday party. With all of that, plus general life going on, I completely forgot to send invitations in the mail, which I ALWAYS do for parties and holidays because, duh, I love mail. But, after what happened to our holiday party invitations (only about a third made it to their destination, while others arrived WET or damaged, or two weeks late 😑), I knew I didn't have the time or the patience to get these invitations out on time. Paperless Post to the rescue! I had previously used evite and had never used it again. I had heard great things about Paperless Post and after getting a few of their invitations, appreciated the interface and design quality.
So one day while E napped, I went to the website. I immediately liked it. Very easy to sign up and follow the directions. First you pick what type of card you'd like to send. I needed an invitation with RSVPs. It costs a certain amount of coins to send each one, and it depends on your add-ons. Coin cost vary greatly, from .50 cents a coin to .09 cents a coin. Better deal to buy in bulk!

Then you choose a design (you can also upload your own photo). There are so many cute designs! Since we're having a pancake party, I just searched "pancake" and instantly found the perfect design-

 This design is by Hello! Lucky, one of my favorite card designers ever.
 This was the suggested envelope liner and it's obviously perfect. 
 There's also a very cute option to add a special "postage stamp" and cancellation mark. I chose the happy bday stamp and LA cancellation. 
 Designing the card was very easy and took almost no time. You can really customize it and it saves changes automatically.
Lots of font choices are important to me! I was pleased to find various options available.  
 You could also make the text lots of different colors. I chose variations of purple since it's the little one's favorite color. 
PLP keeps track of RSVPs and lets guests leave messages to the host or the group. I really like the option to request RSVPs from guests who hadn't had time to respond yet. I got the app on my phone so I could keep track of the RSVPs and any questions guests might have. I also like that I as a guest going to a Paperless Post party automatically got sent a reminder the day before the event. As a busy mom and business owner, I so appreciate a reminder of the fun things I signed up for 😌
I definitely recommend Paperless Post for party invitations! And know that I'll never send an e-thank you card but am on board with birthday party invitations to email 😇
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