Guest Bloggers

From time to time I like to switch it up with guest bloggers. This usually happens when I go out of town or am very busy with craft fairs.
If you're interested in being a guest blogger, thank you! I really appreciate it :) The post can be about anything. Here are some ideas to get the ideas going:
mail you recently sent/received, a favorite shop in your town, a diy project, a product review, some recent, random photos, special vacation spot.
Just because it's something I haven't blogged about (like a recipe for example) doesn't mean I wouldn't be open to it.
If you have an idea but aren't sure if it will fit just send me an email to discuss it. 
It's definitely ok to link/talk about your blog shop but it's pretty obvious if the post is just about personal promotion, so be conscious of that.
Some guidelines-
Please submit well written posts-they don't need to be long but no spelling or gramatical errors.
Include photos- make sure they are in focus and beautiful. If you're using someone else's photos be sure to include credit/links.
Posts will be reviewed before publishing and full credit will be given to the author.
You can submit at any time, but I do need it at least a week before it's set to be published.
You can check out some of my past guest blogger posts here:
You can submit a guest post any time. I'll just save it for the next time I need it.
Html code with photos for posts and/or questions can be emailed to 
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