Thursday, October 7, 2010

DIY Calling Cards

I'm home! A big thanks to Katrina, Amanda, Ellie, and Kate for guest blogging while I was away. The whole point of my trip was to check out Crafty Bastards, one of the biggest east coast fairs, which is held in D.C. Because I was going as a shopper and a blogger, I didn't want to hand out my usual PP business cards. I got this kit from Staples to make a quick and easy calling card for myself.
 This kit comes with individual letters so you can customize your stamp.
It also comes with cute little icons.
 A heart before my name, a computer before my blog address, and an envelope before my email address.
The letters are a pain to set up, but once it's finished it's a breeze because the stamp is self inking.
The cards are pre-cut from paper source, I used 5 colors.
I went to town! :)
I found this kit at my local staples, they have a very similar kit available online.


  1. oh my gosh this is SO cute! what a great idea... i have to get one. i need something for my return address on packages and this would work perfectly!

  2. what is the kit called?! i definitely want to get one for myself!

  3. Glad you like the cards everyone! They're so easy to make.

    Christina, I just added a link to the post where you can find a kit just like the one I got.

  4. aren't these stamps great? i use the same stamp for my packages!

    i love your impromptu calling cards, Margaret -- clever!!

  5. WHOA. that stsamp is phenom! love your cards!!!

  6. That is COOL!! i'll have to get one...

  7. This tool is SO what I need. Thank you!

  8. I love this - the link isn't available any more - where else can i find one?!

  9. The link doesn't work anymore :( What is the name of the product??




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