Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I ♥ Claudia Pearson

 The day I arrived, New York was hot and humid, as if it hadn't changed since I was there in June. Along with the air being muggy and sticky, it was also raining. I was happy for a chance to get out of the city and away from the weather. Allie and I had round trip tickets to take megabus from Penn station to Washington DC for Crafty Bastards. There are lots of buses that go between NY and DC, but this one was recommended to us. Our bus was delayed an hour; we had to wait for it out in the rain. When we finally got on the road, our bus waited in line to be weighed like a big rig, +30 minutes. Just when we thought we had to be almost to DC, our bus got a flat tire. Everyone on the bus had to get out on the side of the freeway and wait for another bus to come. When that bus finally did come, there wasn't enough seats for everyone and lots of passengers were left, on the side of the freeway.  I do not recommend megabus! 
Everything was great when we got to D.C. Allie stayed with her boyfriend, and I stayed with my brother-in-laws brother, Will. Him and tony were bff growing up, so we are all very close.  Will, his girlfriend, her friend and his roomate, showed me around D.C. and took me a great restaurant, Ted's Bulletin. Afterwards, we went to a bar where they have boardgames on the table and a tv playing a baseball game, though it wasn't a sports bar. Upstairs the bar was in schoolbus, and we sat on bus bench seats.  Very different from LA bars!
Early the next morning, Will, his gf Alessia, and I went to breakfast. The largest breakfast I've ever ordered/seen. I was so hungry, and so convinced I'd finish it, and while I did eat most of it, I could not get through it all. After this hearty breakfast, we then headed to Crafty Bastards. The weather was so so nice, very similar to LA. It was bright, warm, and if you stood in the sun a little while you began to get hot, but walking around you didn't notice it.
The fair was packed with people the whole time I was there, and you had to make your way through the crowds. I loved going to a new to me show, so much talent I've yet to discover! My new favorite artist is Claudia Pearson. She is a very friendly illustrator, who is english, but has lived in Brooklyn for a couple years.  I really love her style of illustration and the colors she uses.
I've always heard about Governors Island but have never been able to visit. Next year will be the year I finally make it!
I knew I recognized her style. I've definitely seen her "buy local" totebag on lots of blogs before, I was pleased to see in in paper form. I got this print for my house, though I'm not sure where to hang it just yet.
Her seasonal tea towels are so great, and really large. I got the set of four for Katie, she loves them!
These are brooklyn brownstones, but I think they could work for a lot of places like London and D.C. All of her prints are bright and colorful and would look great in any home. I tend to get in the way of shoppers when I take so many photos, so here are a couple from her shop:
 You can find more in her etsy shop.

tell anna what you love. *i'd like to point out it was still monday when i wrote this post :)

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