Friday, April 30, 2010

Tyler Bender Book Co @ Unique LA spring show

Another favorite from last weekend's show- Tyler Bender!  I could spend days pouring over his books, the craftsmanship is impeccable. He just made the Pen Pal club a special journal that we are going to pass around the world from pen pal to pen pal. More info on that soon.

You could a journal to fit anyone's taste.

He finds the best covers to use for his hand bound notebooks.

check out an interview with him here.
Shop here or at Reform School.

Paper Pastries @ Unique LA spring show

Most of my pre show prep was spent making the canvas "air mail" backdrop- I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I wanted people to see from far away that this was a stationery booth, I think it did it's job.
A new addition to my booth is the "custom table" which has the address stamps and samples of calligraphy and invitations. It was a hit! People really liked the sit down consultation and being able to see examples of my work. My only regret is not doing this sooner. It might be hard to work into future set ups, but in my corner booth it fit perfectly. I couldn't have asked for a better spot!
Another new addition is the pencil board. I attached all of the sets with little bits of velcro and hung it from the bar above the booth. I'm constantly looking for ways to improve the booth, not only for my customers, but also for the paper pastries team- it's tough to have to readjust the pencil display throughout the day. Problem solved!

I added ribbon to canvas to create this custom board. Samples of calligraphy, invites, moving announcements, and personal stationery are attached with mini clothespins.
I decorated the column in the corner of my booth with a postal theme- airmail envelops and paper mail boxes.
To finish it off, I added paper cutouts of my logo to each side.
The center of my table was inaccessible so I made a display of mailboxes and pp postcards.
The stamping station is back! 
Hand written signs are going to play a big role in my next booth.
All the business info is on the back of the postcard- so it serves as an advertisement/business card.
This is Hope, she loved the stamp station. I asked if I could take a photo with her and her postcard and she obliged. I told her how pretty she was and that she was a great model.

As soon as I said "model" I got this pose- amazing!
Some happy customers.
Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello! I really enjoyed meeting you and appreciate that you read my blog and come to my shows. Thanks to all of you, Unique LA was my best show to date!
2 more giveaways are coming tomorrow.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Amazing Wedding Details via snippet and ink

Through various blogs, I would say I come across around 20 weddings a day, so I'm pretty hard to impress. When I saw Kate and Jesse's wedding, on Snippet & Ink, I had to stop short- it's everything you could want in a wedding and more. Everything about it is so perfect, from the stamped favor tags (above) to the chalkboard names (below.)

Where can I get some giant chalkboards?

The antique typewriter 'guest book' fits perfectly.

What made me fall in love was that this was in the bride's backyard. That pool is gorgeous!
And what a fun, relaxing way to end the night- a black and white movie projected while guests lounge on pillows and sip chai tea.  Can anyone tell what movie that is?

photography by amy & stuart

see the rest of the wedding on snippet & ink

False Start @ Unique La Spring Show

Meet Meredith, she runs False Start Independent books & zines.
She had a great table set up!

I love her mix of vintage dishes and shelving. It all worked together great.
My favorite part of her booth was the typed price signs.

Excited to see what Meredith comes up with next!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Power + Light Press and Lulu Dee @ Unique LA spring show

Kyle from Power + Light  and Laura from Lulu Dee shared their booth at Unique La this past weekend, and it was just one row away from my booth! I was there a lot :)
  This photo doesn't do this wedding invitation justice- it is poster sized! Next time, I will have something in there for reference. You have to see it in person! It's amazing.
 Power + Light's custom board.
  More Custom.
  Greeting cards that you can win- Giveaway No. 3
 A tall tree invite.

 And now some pretty prints from Lulu Dee:

 I could look at these colors all day.

Giveaway No. 3

 A pack of 9 greeting cards from Power + Light Press. As soon as I saw this line, I knew Kyle and I would be friends.  I met her at Renegade SF this past Decemeber and instantly fell in love with the humor and wit of her cards.  Enter to win a top notcher, shitty cat, wtfwjd, 82% sure, fuck im from california, burt thanks, library catalog, a pack of wee valentines and 2 beard love greeting cards.

My all time favorite- The burt reynolds thank you. I'd like it framed in my studio.

*How to enter the giveaway:
Leave a comment here- about your favorite product, their design, just about anything related to Power+Light.
You can also talk about this giveaway on your blog, twitter, or facebook, just come back and comment again with the link.  This giveaway ends Friday May 7th.
Please be sure to take the reader survey if you haven't.

Visit Power + Light's shop.

check for winners may 7th

* you can enter all 5 giveaways
winners will be chosen at random by a number generator
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