Thursday, November 3, 2011

Favorite Shop Series Pt. 9

The necklaces from Son of a Sailor had caught my eye. This Austin based shop has a very clean, modern look to their jewelry. I also liked that each piece can be customized different paint choices. I wanted to get coordinating necklaces for me and my sister so I proposed a trade. Luckily, Jessica (one half of Son of a Sailor) happily agreed. I love trading! 
I choose the hand-painted locket and the hand-painted triangle. I choose softest pink for the paint color. Aren't they great? I really love my triangle, I got the longest chain they had so it's easy to slip on right over my head. No fiddling with the clasp! Right now I have the triangle and Katie has the locket. It's a tiny little locket so I'm going to try to find a tiny picture to go in it. When we want to switch it up, we'll trade. It's a twist on BFF necklaces.
Top set of photos from Son of a Sailor shop, bottom set taken with my canon rebel.

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