Monday, June 4, 2012

Guest Post No. 5 - Hello Bunnies

Hello, this is Freya from hello bunnies.  I am a lover of all things cute, especially when it comes to cutely wrapped packages and papers! I get inspiration from everything around me, and decided I would share with you a trip to the flea market over the weekend to help inspire any of your crafting endeavors. I enjoy looking at vintage items even though I never seem to purchase any of them. It's still crazy to think that some of these items were what people used in my childhood and are now considered 'vintage.' Vintage type writers are always fun to look at and feel. I am too young to have ever used these type writers, but I imagine that the keys look and feel cool when typed.  image                                   An old phone that is now considered vintage. These were the type of phones used in my childhood, so it's mind boggling to think of how things have evolved. How did people used to get around without cell phones and internet? In some ways, I do miss that time, as well as using these type of phones. image 

Lovely display with a vintage feel. image 
Vintage paper that can be used as ephemera. I can think of a ton of ways these could be used for packaging and stationery. My flea market haul includes old broken watches. Bought this pile of random stuff for $5. I know it's probably overpriced, especially for the experienced flea market shopper, but I was just glad to have found anything to pick up that day. Most of the stuff at the flea market, while very nice, is out of my price range and did not have much use for me personally. I figured I could use these watches, keys, and trinkets to make jewelry or add as a decorative piece to a package. While I did not come away with a ton of stuff, I highly enjoyed the day at the flea market. If you are in the market for vintage items, clothes, furniture, etc, I would highly recommend going to this flea market. It's off the bay bridge treasure island exit in San Francisco.
All photos by Freya.


  1. Hey, neat blog! If you'd like, you can visit my blog and participate in the package pals project!

    1. thanks for your comment! I'd love to participate in the package pals project. I will contact you directly about it :)



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